5 Important Home Inspection Items to Look For

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Today let’s talk home inspections! Inspections can often be the make or break part of your real estate deal so it’s important to know things you may be able to watch out for ahead of time to know if your client should even be making the offer and if you need to decrease it due to items that are likely to come up on the home inspection.
Here are some important items you want to look out for when taking your clients through:
1. Odors - mold & mildew can be detected by smell. Mold smell is similar to wet socks, while mildew is a less intense "musty" odor. Look for fragrances that are used to mask odors. Excessive use of candles, diffusers or sprays.
2. Wall & Floor Condition - Defects like warped floors, cracks in the walls and watermarks can be indicative of bigger issues. Look for a "bouncy" floor - this could be from rotting wood or other issues.
3. Unpermitted additions - you might go to a home that was listed for 1 bath to find an extra bathroom when you get there. Before you get too excited, make sure the addition is permitted.
4. Lawn Condition - Wet or soggy spots in the yard that are accompanied by a foul odor could indicate a damaged or broken sewer line.
5. Integrated fixtures & systems - Try not to focus too much on wonky ceiling fans & loose cabinet hinges, be on the lookout for signs of issues with the electrical wiring & cooling & heating elements. Warm, vibrating wall outlets and/or flickering lights can be indications of issues with electrical wiring. If there is orange/brown tinted water when you turn on the faucet, that could be a sign that the water pipes are rusty.
When your client finds their dream home it’s easy to overlook some details because they’re so excited but make sure these are not ignored as they could lead to big future costly repairs.

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