4 Easy Ways Buyer’s Agents Can Stand Out in a Low Inventory Market

Jun 30, 2021

It is a crazy market right now and buyer’s agents are doing everything they can think of to get their clients offers accepted! We know it often feels like you are throwing spaghetti against the wall in hopes your clients offer sticks, so we put together a few easy things you can do to get that ever coveted, “Your offer has won!” email from the listing agent. 


#1 Make friends with the listing agent early

Reach out to the listing agent before the showing. Ask what is important to their sellers. If any other offers have fallen through or been declined. If there are other offers in yet and if they will be calling highest and best or just presenting as they come in. Call instead of text so you can build more personal rapport and if you are texting do not be afraid to throw a GIF in there and keep it fun but professional. Remember the more the listing agent likes you and wants to work with you the better chance your offer has of being accepted. 


#2 Make it personal

Have your buyers write a letter about their journey so far and the things they like and appreciate about the home. If you seen during the walk through that the seller loves golf and your buyer also loves golf, add it to their letter. Build rapport and help the seller to want to sell to your buyer. When you send the offer to the listing agent add a note about how you promise to make this the easiest, smoothest transaction they have been a part of, and you are ready to work hard for everyone to get this deal to the closing table. If your client is getting a mortgage have the loan officer call the listing agent and tell them how well qualified your client is and how efficiently and smoothly, he anticipates the deal will be. 

#3 Neatness counts

Make sure your package looks clean and well put together. Your contract is fully filled out, typed, every aspect of the deal is addressed, there are no blanks left empty or boxes left unchecked. You should also give a snapshot of all the positive points of the deal in the email of the offer to the listing agent. Make it easy and clear you should get the yes, because you know what you are doing and have a well-qualified client to buy their home.


#4 Pull out all the stops

High EMD, appraisal guarantee, escalation clause, short close window, pass/fail inspection, short inspection period, free occupancy, buyer concessions, strong down payment, and constant communication between you the buyer’s agent and the listing agent are all details that will help you win!


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